2023 – Lost Tapes Vol. 1 bis - Enzo Lorusso with Piero Visani Ensemble (Angapp Music – It)

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Title: Lost Tapes Vol. 1 bis Enzo Lorusso with Piero Visani Ensemble
Group: Piero Visani et son ensemble (Visani-Iannello Orchestra)
Years: 1958/1961 © 2023
Graphic: 3Heads Agency
Discover, digitalization, sound track selection, editing: Livio Minafra
Mastering and restoration sound engineer: Gianluca Caterina
Label: Angapp Music – It
Produced by: Livio Minafra

Enzo Lorusso. An artist who deserved justice.

Vincenzo Lorusso was born in the historic center of Ruvo di Puglia on June 4, 1931 from a modest family. Grown up with the then masters Antonio and Alessandro Amenduni in the municipal School of Music, he immediately showed strong musical skills on the clarinet. In the immediate post-war period, he was ravished by jazz and probably influenced by his bandmate Santino Tedone, who played jazz from 1943 with Bruno Giannini just at the age of 15. Santino wanted to devote himself to the alto sax and the baritone sax. His model was Charlie Parker; however, the comparisons are varied. The trombonist Dino Blasi combines him to Paul Desmond, who writes to Lee Konitz while Rudy Migliardi talks about him like this: “Enzo’s style reminded me of Phil Woods style: tense and articulated sound”.

Requested soloist, he was able to travel around Italy and Europe together with Cosimo Di Ceglie, Peppino Principe, Fred Bongusto, Mina, Pippo Caruso, Victor Bach, Henghel Gualdi, Lelio Luttazzi, Natalino Otto, Flo Sandon’s and many others, taking part in two Sanremo editions, including the 1960’one. He took part also on the Italian tour in 1957 and 1958 with Perez Prado, who wanted Enzo with him in America. Fate cut short his life on the night of 18 November 1966 at the age of 35 by an accident with his white Fiat 600 on the Molfetta-Bisceglie trunk road.


Here between 1958 and 1961 in Zermatt in Switzerland with the Piero Visani Ensemble:

Enzo Lorusso: clarinet, alto sax
Piero Visani: leader, voice, double bass, guitar
Nanni Iannello: piano
unknown: vibes
unknown: drums

1 – A night in Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie)
2 – Nice Walk (Piero Visani)
3 – Boccuccia di Rosa (Alberto Testa)
4 – 24000 baci (Vivarelli-Celentano-Fulci)
5 – Four brothers (Jimmy Giuffre)
6 – Ghiaccio bollente (Pino Massara – Vito Pallavicini)
7 – My Manne Shelly (Henry Mancini)
8 – I’ll remember April (Gene de Paul-Patricia Johnston-Don Raye)
9 – A smooth one (Benny Goodman)
10 – Ti dirò (A. Bracchi – G. D’Anzi)
11 – Nicolasa (Ernesto R. Duarte)
12 – Nica’s dream (Horace Silver)
13 – Tequila (Chuck Rio)
14 – Turnaround (Ornette Coleman)
15 – Tintarella di luna (Bruno De Filippi)
16 – Um chorinho pra você (Severino Araújo)
17 – Um chorinho em aldeia (Severino Araújo)


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