2021 – Livio Minafra Piano Solo (Red Tomato Productions – It)

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General Details

Title: Come in un sogno
Musician: Livio Minafra Piano Solo
Year: 2021
Composers: Livio Minafra, Stephen Foster, Johannes Brahms
Label: Red Tomato Productions – It
Place of recording: Torre Normanna di Terlizzi
Graphic: Luigi Gabriele
Video direction: Lorenzo Zitoli
Video shoot: Daniele Vispo e Leonardo Testini
Team Production: Marco Albanese and Raffaele Barile
Produced by: Nico Marziale and Claudio De Leo

A completely improvised musical performance, from inside and from the terrace of the tower, which sounds, recalls and evokes the history of the Norman tower of Terlizzi. An original musical show that the pianist Livio Minafra performs in the company of two musicians, Claudio De Leo and Nicolò Marziale, who with the aid of electronic instruments, create sound environments and rhythmic carpets, transporting the historical re-enactment to the contemporary. Not only a concert but also a moment in which we talk about the place and its history and the way in which music can crystallize it into notes, melodies, sound effects.

Watch the live video in the Norman Tower of Terlizzi (Ba):

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